1.1. The “Algarve Granfondo” is classified by the specific rule of the national program “Ciclismo para Todos”, as granfondo and is defined as a long distance open race. It is a single stage with simultaneous departure in peloton, with free rhythm at least 95% of the course, with time limit and non official classification. The rules of the road code should be respected. This Granfondo is part of “Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta” program. This sportive event will not be competitive, it will be a tourist event.

1.2. The 7th edition of “Algarve Granfondo” will start at 9am of 19 february 2023 in Lagoa, Rua Parque Empresarial do Algarve. The distance of the Granfondo will be nearly 134 km and the Mediofondo has 88 km. The BOXES open at 7:30am and close at 8.15am; the limit time to finish the event is 4pm.

1.3. The Algarve Granfondo is therefore not a competition event. It is an event called “open race” in which the participants walk at their own pace along the entire length of the course, being however timed, by electronic means (chip), the time it takes to complete the entire course or certain segments announced before the race by the organization.

1.4. This event is organized by Associação de Ciclismo do Algarve – Algarve Cycling Association, and the order in the finishing line will be taken:

1.4.1.Order by time;

1.4.2.Order by arrive’s place;

1.4.3.With awards, in the end depending of the two points above;

1.5. Cyclists of another countries can take part in the event. In the granfondo it is possible cyclists born until 2004. In the Mediofondo it is possible cyclists born until 2006.

1.6. Professional cyclists can only ride with invite but they are not qualified.


2.1. There are the following categories:

U23 Male e Female (19 to 22 years)

Elites Male e Female (23 to 29 anos)

Master 30 Male e Female (30 to 39 anos)

Master 40 Male e Female (40 to49 anos)

Master 50 Male e Female (50 to 59 anos)

Master 60 Male e Female (More than 60 anos)

2.2. The riders can only ride in the distance that they made the registration.

2.3. The cyclists with age under 18 must show the parental authorization.

2.4. It is forbidden the nudity, slippers or other equipment that can compromise the safety of the participants.

2.5. The use of an approved cycling helmet is obligatory. Failure to comply with this rule implies immediate exclusion of the race.

2.6. Participation in the race is voluntary, responsibility of each participant, who fully assumes the risks inherent to his participation (without prejudice to its being covered by a specific insurance policy).

2.7. The National Portuguese Federation guarantees a insurance of Personal Accidents and Liability insurance, with the legally required coverage, and whose policies cover all participants.

Personal Accidents (AP)

  • Death due to accident: 27.665,18 Euros
  • Permanent Disability due to Accident: 27.665,18 Euros
  • Accidental Treatment Expenses: 4.425,92 Euros
  • Simultaneous deaths of the Insured Person and Spouse 15.000,00 Euros
  • Funeral expenses: 5.000,00 Euros
  • Expenses with rescue operations, search, transport of victims: 1.000,00 Euros
  • Deductibles per person 90,00 Euros (handled by the participant).

Liability Insurance and 3rd Party (RC)

  • Capital covered by member, claim and annuity: 50 000,00 €

2.8. Participation in the race is forbidden for athletes to comply with sanctions by their federations for use of doping substances.

2.9. Only two-wheel vehicles (road bike, off-road bike, tandem) and bicycles adapted to the race without any kind of motorization are allowed in the race.


3.1. The race will have a total distance of around 132 Km and 2325m of elevation in the Granfondo course and 88km and 1210m of elevation in the Mediofondo course, competing as follows:

3.1.1. It will be started in group, with speed controlled by the vehicle that follows the front of the peloton, driving at a speed of approximately 25km/h.

3.1.2. After approximately 2 km, the race takes place in a free rhythm.

3.1.3. The maximum limit to finish the race is 7 (seven) hours.


4.1. Registration is limited to a maximum of 1500 participants in the sum of the two distances. To this total may be added up to 100 entries assigned by invitation by the organization.

4.2. Entries are made directly on the website www.stopandgo.com.pt, until 23:59 on 13.02.2023, or when the maximum number of participants is reached, respecting the chronological order of electronic registrations.

4.3. The collection of documentation, including the frontal number of the bike, will be done at the race headquarters, working at the Auditorium Carlos do Carmo, in Lagoa from 18h00 to 22h00 on February 18 and from 07h00 to 08h00 February 19.

4.4. For the collection of documentation at the race headquarters is required an identification document (ID or Citizen Card) and the regularized federative license, if you have registered as an affiliate. The collection of the documentation can be done by another person as long as he is a bearer and presents in race headquaters the originals or copies with the perfectly legible data of the absent athlete’s documents (ID or Citizen Card and federative license).

4.5. No entries can be confirmed and / or accepted after 00:00 on 13.02.2023.

4.6. Once paid, in case of withdrawal until January 13, 2023, the participant can recover 50% of the registration fee. After this date the registration is considered final.


5.1. Participation in the race is subject to the following registration fees:


1st Entries Period – Until 31 December

35,00€ (UCI licensed riders)

40,00€* (Non licensed riders)

2nd Entries Period  – 01 JAN a 13 FEB

40,00€ (UCI licensed riders)

45,00€* (Non licensed riders)

* – Includes the daily license issued by the Portuguese Cycling Federation, in which is included the personal accidents and liability insurance).


Participation in the Mediofondo or Granfondo

Food and drinks during the course

Bib front number


Medical assistance


Finisher Medal

Official give-aways


5.2. Upon the entry payment will no be possible to refund payments of entries of riders not UCI affiliated at the moment of the subscription that become later UCI affiliated. The UCI affiliation must be valid upon the subscription for the race.

5.3. Upon registration the athlete will receive a credit card link payment. Anyone who signs up as a federate and at the time of collection of the participant kit does not prove to be a member for
the 2020 season will be charged the additional € 5.00.

5.4. At the moment of the subscription the rider can add as extra the premium entry option. This extra has a cost of 45€ extra the normal entry price and it includes the official jersey of the Algarve Granfondo plus the access to start from the first box (Premium Box) This extra is limited to 100 riders.

5.5. The riders that have subscribed the Premium entry extra to the subscription until the end of January 10th will get the official jersey delivered upon the accreditation in Lagoa. After 1oth January the official jersey will be sent by post.

5.6. The participant assumes that the data he filled in for his registration are correct and true and that the email address provided will be the preferred means of communication and of providing him with all important information regarding the test, considering himself informed by this quite.

5.7. All contacts with the organization must be made by the participants via email, to the address geral@acalgarve.pt. During the 18th and 19th of February contacts can be made in person at the accreditation.


6.1. Each athlete will participate with the number provided by the Organization which is assigned.sequentially upon confirmation of payment of the registration fee.
6.2. All participants should place the bicycle’s number in the correct position at the front in the handlebar area so that it is clearly visible on its entire surface. Any athlete who does not comply with this rule will be excluded from the race. It is strictly forbidden to alter the graphic contents on the front number of the bicycle, or to add any kind of message or image, whether advertising or not.
6.3. The chip must not be removed or altered to the position requested by the timing company or organization.


7.1. A general classification of the race will be defined (in the categories MALE and FEMALE) and a classification by category. based on rider’s age.

7.1.1. Categories considered:

U23 Male e Female (19 to 22 years)

Elites Male e Female (23 to 29 anos)

Master 30 Male e Female (30 to 39 anos)

Master 40 Male e Female (40 to49 anos)

Master 50 Male e Female (50 to 59 anos)

Master 60 Male e Female (More than 60 anos)

7.2. The top three finishers (in the MALE and FEMALE categories) will receive a trophy.

7.3. Participation in protocol ceremonies is mandatory. In case of absence, the athlete will lose the right to the prize and may incur disciplinary sanctions, except in cases duly justified by the athletes, and accepted by the organizer.

7.4. In the Granfondo route there will be a timed KOM section with Prize that corresponds to the climb to the top of Fóia. This 15km long climb will be timed using the chip on the front Bib number, recording the time spent on the climb section. The beginning and end will be marked on the ground. The fastest athletes, male and female, will be awarded.


8.1.The departure for Granfondo and Mediofondo is given simultaneously, with the participants to be distributed by departure Boxes with the following order and designations:

Box Premium – Invitatons and Premium Entries (limited to 200 riders)

Box 1 – From nrº 1 to 199

Box 2 – From nrº 200 to 399

Box 3 – From nrº 400 to 599

Box 4 – From nrº 600 to 799

Box 5 – From nrº 800 to 999

Box 6 – From nrº 1.000 to 1.199

Box 7 – From nrº 1.200 to 1.400

8.2. The race will take place on ROADS OPEN TO TRANSIT. All participants must scrupulously respect the traffic rules contained in the Road Code, taking particular attention to the obligation to drive on the right and respect the priority rules at intersections. Those who do not respect these rules will be immediately eliminated from the race and will be forbidden from participating in subsequent editions. All participants will be covered by insurance, either federative or insurance underwritten by the organization.

8.3. Assistance given to athletes by support vehicles outside the organization is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited to drive own support vehicles in the middle of the riders. The security that control the race will prevent the circulation of support vehicles among the riders, ensuring respect of the Road Code.

8.4. The race will be controlled by security forces, formed with members of the National Police, belonging to corporations of the territory and the traffic brigade, who will ensure compliance with the traffic rules by all elements involved in the race and other vehicles in circulation.

8.5. The time control of each athlete will be done with electronic chips. The use of the chip is mandatory, and the athlete must comply with the rules for its correct positioning and use. Incorrect use of the chip or non-use by an athlete will result in the athlete not registering his or her pass in the organization’s established pass controls, resulting in the athlete being disqualified, with the consequent absence of the final time list and loss of right to your diploma of participation. Passage and time collection controls will be located on departure and arrival and at other points along the race course. The time count is the finish time and not the chip time.

8.6. In order to ensure the integrity and safety of athletes, there are race checkpoints that set time limits. Athletes who arrive at these checkpoints after the stipulated time limit will be required to leave the race and will be picked up by the organization’s “broom” vehicle to the finish zone. Participants arriving at the mentioned locations after the indicated time or traveling at an average speed of less than 22km / h on the Granfondo course will be prevented from continuing and may opt to be picked up by staff of the Organization. Participants who choose to go their own means will be required to hand over at the time checkpoint or to another member of the organization their respective participant number, being in their own and assuming at their own risk their destination from there.

8.6.1. Control closure at 1st feed zone will be at 10:30. From 10:30 onwards all participants will have to go to Mediofondo.

8.6.2. Control closure at 2nd feed zone (exclusive Granfondo) closes at 12:00.

8.6.3. The closing control of the 3rd feed zone of Algarve Granfondo (2nd of Mediofondo) will be at 13:46.

8.7. Athletes who drop out during the race should contact members of the organization, either in person or by telephone, announcing their withdrawal. When the absence of an athlete is detected, rescue and rescue means may be triggered. Failure to comply with this standard will hold the athlete who has not made this communication responsible for the costs of the search and rescue process. In addition it will be sanctioned with the prohibition to participate in later editions of the race.

8.8. Athletes must scrupulously respect the times, particularly the departure time, ensuring that they depart before the broom car. If they do not do so, they will be out of competition, participating at their own risk. Close departure control (km 0) – 08h45.

8.9. The organization will have mechanical assistance throughout the race which will seek to solve the mechanical problems that can be solved in the race scenario. In the event of a breakdown, work will be free of charge, however replacement parts will be charged to athletes who need them. Interventions by service teams do not include punctures. Mechanical assistance will be made up of mobile teams that will travel along the course, however for reasons of race dynamics or positioning difficulties this service may not provide assistance to all participants. The existence of this mechanical assistance does not relieve participants of the duty to properly prepare their bicycle, ensuring that it is in the best condition when they line up at the start. The organization can never be held responsible for the abandonment of an athlete for lack of mechanical assistance.

8.10. The athletes in the race must ensure the transportation of food and liquids for their food replacement and hydration. However, the organization will set up in places to disclose before refueling zones, where it will dispense some food and drinks.

8.11. For safety reasons, the use of headphones as an accessory to music listening devices or mobile phone use by participants during the race is prohibited.

8.12. The organization has the right to be able to make changes to the course and functioning of the race, when for some reason justified, without having to compensate the participants.


9.1. Participants are obliged to behave responsibly with regard to cleaning and preserving the environment throughout the areas used by the race, from the course of the race to the start and finish areas. Throwing waste onto the ground before, during and at the end of the race is prohibited. It is up to the participants to take care to keep with them the waste from the food and beverage packaging used in their replacement during the race. At the end of the race and in the refueling areas, containers will be made available by the organization to deposit the garbage carried by the athletes. Disrespect for this rule implies the immediate exclusion of the athlete from the race.


10.1. Participants will be sanctioned if: 10.1.1. Do not respect the rules and the Road Code, given that the roads are open to traffic.

10.1.2. Do not respect the orders and directions given by the security forces and the elements of the organization.

10.1.3. Do not pass the start control, finish control or other control points along the way.

10.1.4. Dirt or degrade the course and other areas used in the race.

10.1.5. Have or be assisted by their own support vehicle circulating in the middle of the race and spoil the progress of other cyclists.

10.1.6. Adopt unsportsmanlike behavior by resorting to irregular means to gain advantage in their final timing.

10.1.7. In case of withdrawal, do not communicate it to the organization.

10.2. Penalties that may apply:

 Exclusion of the event, without right to classification or certification.

 Inclusion of the name in the list of sanctioned athletes, to be published after the race.

 No participation in later editions of the race.

 Penalties imposed by police authorities that controls the event if the offenses are detected by the authorities and they consider them to be sanctioned.


11.1. Enrollment in the competition and the consequent acceptance of this regulation necessarily implies the authorization of the participant so that the organization can make the total or partial recording of his participation, being able to use these images freely for the dissemination and promotion of the competition in all media (television, radio, press, internet, posters, cards and flyers, photos and videos). It thereby cedes all image rights relating to the commercial and advertising exploitation of these records, without the right to receive any economic compensation from the organization.


12.1. The Algarve Granfondo organization fully respects the data protection law currently in force. Athletes assume knowledge and authorize the entry and processing of their personal data in the race organizer’s files for their use in development, administrative and commercial management and other activities. However, the privacy policy allows any athlete to request the modification or removal of their data, by requesting by email to geral@acalgarve.pt


13.1.By making and validating their registration, all Participants accept these rules and, in case of doubt or situation not foreseen here, they must inform the Organization and submit such questions in writing.

13.2. By clicking on the box, you agree with the terms and conditions of registration and participation in the Event and with all the conditions of these Regulations, which is equivalent to declaring the following:

13.3.I have read and agree with the Official Rules of the Algarve Granfondo, available on the website www.algarvegranfondo.com;

13.4. I am aware of my state of health and I confirm that I meet the physical and mental requirements to participate in the Event;

13.5. I declare that I will not participate in the Event if my health status changes after validating my registration;

13.6. I am aware of the content, namely the conditions and coverage of the existing insurance policy;

13.7. By participating in the Event, I authorize the Organization and its partners to use my image completely free of charge and without restrictions. In this way, I grant all image rights, namely photographs and videos captured during the Event, not having the right to claim receipt of any earnings resulting from the dissemination of such images in communication support pieces;

13.8.It is my own free will that I participate in this Event, exempting the Organization, its partners, directors, associates and other companies associated with the Event, from any liability resulting from my participation, before, during and after the Event (for example, loss of personal objects theft, damage or other circumstances);

13.9. I am aware of the cancellation conditions of the Event, which I fully accept.


14.1. The organization is not responsible for any loss or damage that may affect participants’ bikes or other equipment. The participant clears the organization of liability for any loss or deterioration of personal effects under any circumstances.

14.2. Force majeure may force the organization to suspend and postpone the race. In this situation no responsibilities may be required of the organization and it is not required to compensate economically or otherwise any athlete or any person or entity for this.

14.3. By making and validating the registration in the Algarve Granfondo Cofidis, participants assume unreserved knowledge and acceptance of this regulation, waiving any legal proceedings against the organization, derived from their participation in the race.

14.4. The organization shall constitute a Jury, composed of five members of the organization who shall decide on the sanctions to be applied and on all matters related to the event that have not been regulated or misinterpreted by this Regulation